Once Upon a Seashore

Once Upon a Seashore:
A Curriculum for Grades K-6

ISBN: 0-9687811-0-1
Published: 2001
Length: 304 pages
Price: CDN $31.95 / USD $31.95

A comprehensive illustrated curriculum that uses the seashore as a source of inspiration for integrating the subject areas; art, creative writing, drama, music, science, mathematics and social studies.

In the first chapter teachers are introduced to six basic assumptions that provide a framework for the materials and activities in Once Upon a Seashore: play, sensory awareness, inquiry skills, imagining, integration of subject areas and valuing.

This curriculum is concerned with teaching children basic ecology concepts: organism, tidal cycle, habitat, predator-prey, food chains, life cycles, loss of habitat, and above all conservation. Chapters include The Rocky Shore, The Sandy Beach, Plankton Soup, The Drama of the Tides, Awareness and Appreciation, and People and the Sea. This resource guide has been designed for use by teachers located in close proximity to the seashore, as well as by inland teachers who are not able to take their children to the seashore. Lessons includes key concepts, learning outcomes, background information, teaching procedures, and evaluative techniques. Teachers are given suggestions for planning and organizing field trips as well as learning cycles for a day at the seashore. All of the activities have been field tested by BC teachers. Contains an illustrated glossary, 20 activity sheets, and 42 black and white line drawings that can be made into transparencies. The Ocean Animal Clue Cards have been designed for use with this resource guide.