Ocean Animal Clue Cards

Your Ocean Animal Clue Cards offer a wide variety of challenging activities which will provide many hours of education, entertainment and appreciation of the living world.

This set contains 72 Clue Cards. Each card is designed to provide children (ages 6 and up) with background information about the common-and not so common-marine plants and animals that live on the Pacific Coast.

The Clue Cards are designed to provide children with basic information about the common marine plants and animals that occur on our coast. They provide information about the organism: what it eats, it is a plant or animal, how it protects itself, ,and so on.

Your Clue Cards can be used to play 12 different games that lead children into a deeper understanding of the marine environment. The animals and clues are introduced by the Who Am I Game? After the players have gained an initial familiarity with the clues and the organisms, you can reinforce and extend their understanding of predator-prey relationships, food chains and classification through the additional games.

For example, the Purple Shore Crab card includes clues such as:
  • I have jointed legs,
  • I live under rocks,
  • I wear a suit of armor,
  • I can lose a leg and grow it back again,
  • I can eat anything I can get, dead or alive.
  • what am I?

The children begin the game by pairing up with a partner. Each child takes a card. The children take turns giving their partner one clue at a time to the identify of their organism. In five clues or less, the children guess the answers to these mind-stretching quiz cards. The fewer clues they need, the more points they score. Hours of educational fun!

The concepts developed in the Clue Cards are concepts developed throughout the curriculum. The children can use the cards to construct predator-prey relationships, food chains, and food webs. They can also use the cards to categorize organisms into groups according to how or if they move, where they live, and how organisms are related to one another.

List of Games
  1. Who Am I? Game
  2. Make Your Own Clue Cards
  3. What Am I Game?
  4. Yes or No
  5. Name the Animal Game
  6. Predator-prey
  7. Good Chain Game
  8. Food Web Game
  9. Food Web Solitaire
  10. Backbones or Spineless Wonders
  11. Matching Pairs
  12. Grand Slam Classification Game