Once Upon a Seashore:
A Curriculum for Grades K-6

  • Write an imaginary story that describes the adventurous travels of a hermit crab out looking for a new shell. Illustrate your story.
  • Write a newspaper ad, advertising for a house to live in.
  • Draw a cartoon and write a caption about a hermit crab.
  • Write and illustrate a comic book that portrays a hermit crab looking for a home.
Clay Models

Make clay models of hermit crabs, shore crabs, snails, sea stars, sea urchins, sea anemones, seaweeds, and seagulls. Make models of specific species: e.g., Checkered Periwinkle, Wrinkled Whelk, Moon Snail; or Decorator Crab, Hairy Hermit Crab, Kelp Crab, Dungeness Crab, Alaska King Crab. Make a model of the internal anatomy of a marine animal. Make a model of a specific species in its habitat. (The author would like to thank Judy Ashurst and her grade 2-3 students at Willows Elementary for sharing their clay model sea creatures).

Sand Worm





Sea Anemone

Sea Urchin

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