Once Upon a Seashore:
A Curriculum for Grades K-6

A Trust Walk

Mapping out a Trust Walk
Find a place overlooking the sea where there are interesting sounds, smells, and textures. Explain to the children how to map a Trust Walk.

Choose a partner with whom you would like to explore the seashore. Separate and spend a few minutes deciding upon a secret route to lead your partner. Look for interesting natural objects for your partner to touch: an old log, twisted driftwood, polished beach pebbles, a sea star, etc. Look for a pleasant place where you will be able to hear, smell, and possibly touch nature. If the weather is warm and the beach is sandy, the children may want to take their shoes and socks off.

Taking a Trust Walk
Have the children decide who will be the first leader and who will take the first "Trust Walk. It is important to remember that you take your partner only to safe places and have him or her touch and do things that will not be harmful. Once you lose your partner's trust it will be very difficult to gain it back again.

The person taking the "Trust Walk" should be blindfolded or should close his or her eyes. The leader takes the other person's hand and carefully guides him or her over rocks, over logs, and brings him or her within range of interesting sounds and smells.

When they are finished (each walk should take 10 to 20 minutes) sit down with the class and discuss their thoughts and feelings.

Close your eyes. Hear, smell and touch nature.
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