High Tide, Low Tide
A Children's Colouring, Story and Activity Book

Page 6 - The Rocky Shore

The rocky shore is a battleground between the land and the sea. Everywhere are signs of the battle: sea caves carved by the waves; giant boulders torn from the land; rocks tossed onto the shore and smoothed by the sea. Huge winter storms and high tides sometimes smash against the rocks. Day by day, year-by-year, waves smash against the cliffs. As the years pass, the cliffs fall into the sea and the sea pushes into the land.

Twice each day the ocean waters rise along our coastline. Twice each day the ocean waters fall. This rising and falling of ocean waters is called the tides. At high tide the seashore is covered with ocean water. Rolling white waves crash upon rock, sand, and mud. Bubble, gurgle, splash!

When the tide turns from high tide to low tide, the ocean water slowly flows out to sea. At low tide, gentle waves lap against the shore. The rocks that earlier were covered with high water glisten we in the bright sunlight.

The dropping tide leaves glassy blue pools of water in holes and cracks. Seaweeds of many colors line the walls. Whole cities of animals live in each tidepool. These tidepools provide shelter for plants and animals that cannot live in the drying sunlight. Low tide is the best time to explore seashore because it is the time when you can find many more plants and animals.

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