High Tide, Low Tide
A Children's Colouring, Story and Activity Book
Common Names and Color Key:
Acorn Barnacle - dirty white.
Blue Mussel - bluish black.
Blenny - olive green or dark brown with black designs on the back.
Hairy Hermit Crab - brownish body.
Limpet - white shell specked with brownish-black dots.
Pacific Octopus - red or reddish-orange to gray or white.
Sitka Periwinkle - brownish-black or bluish-black with white checkers.
Purple or Orange Star - bright purple, or brownish-orange.
Purple Shore Crab - reddish-purple body, purple dots on claws.
Glaucous Gull - white head, pale gray back, yellowish bill with red spot, flesh colored legs.
Giant Green Sea Anemone - solid bright green body and tentacles, sometimes greenish brown base.
Red Sea Urchin - bright reddish-purple.
Broken-back Shrimp - transparent body with a slight green, gray, brown or reddish tinge.
Tidepool Sculpin - white and green-black with gray or green, or pink highlights that blend in with the surroundings.
Red Rock Crab, a solid deep red or brownish-red, the pinchers tipped with black.
Harbor Seal - pale gray to light brown background with black spots.

Bull Kelp - olive brown to brown.
Cup and Saucer Seaweed - red or reddish-purple.
Sea Lettuce - bright green or yellowish-green.
Sea Sac - olive-brown or yellowish-brown.
Graceful Coral Seaweed - pale pink to bright pink.
Encrusting Coral Seaweed - pale pink to bright pink.
Turkish Towel - dull to bright red.
Rockweed - olive green or brownish green.

Plant Plankton (Diatoms) - golden or golden green.
Animal Plankton - transparent or golden-brown, some with red eyes.
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