High Tide, Low Tide
A Children's Colouring, Story and Activity Book

Page 38 - What happens next?

At low tide, the Red Rock Crab hides in rocky crevices or under rocks, or in tide pools. This crab is much larger than the Purple Shore Crab, and is reddish brown with black tipped pinchers. At night it stalks about in tidepools searching for food. The Red Rock Crab is a favorite food of the Pacific Octopus. In the picture, the Rock Crab is hiding in a crevice. What happens next? Complete the picture by drawing what happens. Tell your story to a friend.

Page 39

When the tide goes out, the gulls begin to pick and probe at the tideline looking for food. In the picture, what happens next? Draw what you think happens. Tell your story to a friend.

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