High Tide, Low Tide
A Children's Colouring, Story and Activity Book
High Tide, Low Tide Cover

* Teachers can use Once Upon a Seashore: A Teachers Guide (2001), with High Tide, Low Tide because several chapters relate to the theme of how life at the seashore changes from high tide to low tide, and includes drama and art activities for high tide, low tide.

School Special: Site License for High Tide, Low Tide

Class sets of High Tide, Low Tide can be purchased from the publisher at a 20% discount. Should your school purchase 30 copies of High Tide, Low Tide at the 20% discount price, Kingfisher Press will give your school a "site license certificate" to reproduce copies for educational use in your school into the future for as long as the school wishes to duplicate copies for its own use. Or, receive future copies at a 40% discount. A site license does not enable schools to make or purchase copies for resale, for fund raising purposes, as gifts to parents or friends, or for any other purpose. Site licenses are not transferable to other schools. Kingfisher Press retains full copyright ownership.

By "laminating" the true-colour inside covers of the class set of High Tide, Low Tide the teacher can create a set of individual student "folders". Student work can be kept in the folders AND students years into the future can study the naturalistic colours should they wish to do their colouring in a representational style.

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The Rocky Shore
page 6

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Purple Shore Crab
page 22

Tidepool Sculpins
page 26

What happens next?
page 38

Common Names & Colour Key
page 4