Gloria Snively

Author of children's books and marine education materials and founding member of the Northwest Association of Marine Educators


Explore the Eelgrass Meadow With Sam and Crystal

This 40 minute recording features storyline and scientific background by the author, readings and sound effects by Steve Pridgeon (voice actor), beautiful yet scientifically accurate drawings by Karen Gillmore, and photographs of organisms. The story takes children of all ages on an adventure to explore the eelgrass meadow, the surrounding coastline and the great diversity of creatures that depend on the eelgrass meadow for survival...Play the Recording


"With or without a child, you will be delighted and entertained by a series of locally written children's books that are packed full of seaside facts - everything from the life cycle of the herring to heron rookeries, current ecosystem concerns and First Nation wisdom." - Anny Scoones, Times Colonist...Full Review

"What happens when a long-time marine educator joins forces with an illustrator to create a story about the drama of the tides, and the care and protection of ocean environments? The adventure-flled series of books is about Sam and Crystal, two wide-eyed siblings. Throughout their adventures, the children learn marine ecology concepts: plankton, lifecycle, tidal cycle, predator-prey, food chain, food web, habitat, adaptation, zonation and ecosystem." - BC Art Teachers Journal Review...Full Review

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